1. I just caught up with the new episodes of PLL and I noticed that the writers are so desperate to give Ezra a storyline that they’re forgetting some story continuity. The first photo was in S3E11 during Ezra’s bday and he just found out about Maggie so he called her to find out how she was doing and he said that she had gotten her Masters in Education and in the second photo in this week’s episode, all of a sudden, Maggie’s just getting her Masters now? WTF???

    Someone needs to tweet the writers about this. Because this is just poor writing… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy PLL but the episodes have been dragging storylines and not jumping to the most pressing mystery. I don’t mind that they gradually give us ans but at least make it relevant to the whole “A”/Red Coat story

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    When Ezra called Maggie in S3E11 she lied to him not letting him know that they had a son. With that being said she was...
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    or did ezra just straight up lie?
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